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Super Summer NY is in the works for

JULY 2023

Who We Are

Super Summer began in 1974 as a training opportunity for youth ministers to bring Christian young people who were interested in advancing their personal spiritual growth in disciplines and evangelism. Since that early beginning, the interest in Super Summer has spiked. Super Summer has moved from a 1 week training event in Texas to spreading over 17 states across the United States as a premier training camp. Super Summer is hosted at college campuses in each state, often at multiple campuses over multiple weeks, and each location welcoming thousands of students per session. Super Summer promises to continue growth as the need for student leaders intensifies. Each Super Summer is an independent camp.

Super Summer New York is staffed by the youth ministers of New York and operated by Family Life Ministries. God has prompted Super Summer New York to provide a cutting edge vision and resource to churches and youth pastors that will effectively explode this generation of Christian teens into a world that desperately needs salvation, hope and a holy cause to follow.


Super Summer New York is unlike anything your teen has ever experienced.

- Super Summer is a Christian camp that trains student leaders in discipleship and evangelism.

- A curriculum revolving around:

Practical ministry to the world they see and the world they don't see

Personal Holiness

Christ-like leadership qualities

Intentional missional impact


Students are divided into schools (Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Green).  This is done by grade, starting with students completing the 7th grade through students completing their senior year of high school.  Each school is led by a Dean, Assistant Dean, and Team Leader Coordinator which are responsible for all "school time" teaching and Team Leaders (counselors) that help students understand what is being taught and facilitating talkbacks after each teaching session.  Each school is provided approved material that is taught throughout the Super Summer week.  Students spend about 24 hours over the course of the week in School Teaching times.  See what each school learns throughout the week by clicking here.

Family Groups
Students are assigned to a family group consisting of 1-2 adult leaders and 10-12 students.  Family Groups are intended to facilitate thoughts and conversations from the teachings and provide a "family" atmosphere away from home.

Afternoons at Super Summer incorporate a variety of physical and spiritual options.  Evenings provide interactive and responsive worship opportunities in music, video and challenging teachings that lead into the final family time of the day.

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