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Team Leader

Team Leaders are the adults who directly impact the students' lives.  Team Leaders lead Family Group discussion time, check attendance throughout the day, and lead Dorm Prayer Groups every night.  The Team Leaders are held accountable by the Team Leader Coordinator and other staff in their school.  Team Leaders are often referred to as the "Mom" or "Dad" for the week.


Team Leader Coordinator (Exec Staff)

The TLC coordinate Team Leaders (TLs) through administrative and counseling efforts.  The TLC may share in some of the teaching in the school and assisting the Dean and Assistant Dean with many aspects of school coordination.


Assistant Dean (Exec Staff)

The Assistant Dean teaches in the school, coordinated recreation for the school and assists the Dean with many of his/her responsibilities.


Dean (Exec Staff)

This is the main leader/teacher of the school.  He/She takes the lead of a school of students in teaching, worship, and coordination of family groups.  Students spend 12 hours in teaching sessions focused on the Gospel and different developmentally appropriate topics that guide students to discuss in their family groups and make life changing decisions.


Support Staff

Support Staff serves "behind the scenes" in different roles to help make Super Summer run smoothly.  Examples of Support Staff are: Lighting and Sound Engineers, Photographers, Videographers, and Kitchen Staff.

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2020 Media Downloads (Confirmed Exec-Staff Only)

Click here to be redirected to the 2020 media downloads site. *Available April 2020.

2020 Leader Online Registration

Exec Staff, Team Leader and Support Staff may register online using the "Register Now" button above.


Training Weekend

Exec Staff and Team Leaders must be present for training with their TLC on Sunday, July 5.



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