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NEW FOR 2020

You will find what's new for 2020 below


Newly reformatted Break-out Sessions
In years past our Exec staff, speaker, worship leader, and counselors have offered break-out sessions.  This year we will be bringing in specialists to talk about various topics: church planting, media in ministry, missions, being intentional with the gospel, and many more.  Also new this year: Breakout sessions will be held "live" in the afternoon and are not mandatory.  Videos of the breakout sessions will be made available to watch at your leisure during the week of Super Summer.

Morning Worship Times
Our students requested it, and now we are offering it.  Each morning after breakfast we will ask out students to join us in the chapel for a time of worship before departing to our separate schools.  We couldn't think of a better way to start each day at Super Summer!


Afternoon BONUS Activities
After a full day of studying, worshiping, and growing together we offer evening activities to help unwind at the end of each day.  We are offering an interactive trivia game, christian illusionist: Jared Hall, artist interviews, and additional worship sets!

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