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Below you will find what is taught at Super Summer New York


The 5 Core Values of Super Summer serve as the foundation of our curriculum and teaching platform. The lessons presented each day incorporate and emphasize each of these values at various and reoccurring times throughout the week.

The 5 Core Values (SLEDS)

Spiritual Disciplines
Service and Mission


Training students in personal, day-to-day, disciplines of their faith, such as feeding a hunger for God’s Word, prayer and meditation, as well as, faithfulness to a local body of believers.


Reinforcing the influential impact of the students, enabling them to recognize and use their gifts, talents and abilities in the arenas in which they have been planted.


Urgently motivating these students to intentionally and compassionately pursue those without Christ, setting aside bias, prejudice, familiarity or fear of what is different than themselves, to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Validating and building upon the discipling process of local student ministries and in turn, challenging the students to disciple and invest in the lives of young believers when they return home.


Equipping students with practical tools to serve families and churches, and fueling their creative diversities to expand missional living, both locally and across the planet.



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